Full Safe Wash and Chemical Decontamination only using PH balanced products from the very best in the industry. This includes; Clay Bar, De Tar and De Ironising the paintwork prior to the polishing stages. Correction levels vary from light swirl removal to orange peel correction which we’re happy to advise the best possible solution for the client.




Once the vehicle is in its finest form we then can assess the level of protection you’d like to apply to your vehicle. From a long lasting wax to a full ceramic coating with up to 5 years protection. From upholstery to wheels we have all the neccasery experience to ensure the very best level of protection is achieved.




All the hard work is done. So it would be a shame to ruin it all by using the incorrect methods and products thereafter. After all, this would only result in the vehicle to returning to the prior condition. So DB Details can offer mini maintenance valets at the comfort of your own home/workplace.


All detailing work is priced case by case basis.

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